Explosives Engineers' Mobile App

Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App

Dyno Nobel’s Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App equips users with the full range of blasting tools, with worldwide accessibility - even in remote locations. Access key blasting calculators, product information, unit conversions and more.  Another practical innovation from Dyno Nobel!

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App Features

Key features include:

  • Complete Dyno Nobel Product Info with product specs and application uses
  • 7 Custom Blasting Calculators including Powder Factor, Airblast Prediction, and Ground Vibration
  • Real Time Dyno Nobel Updates on news, products, and videos
  • Worldwide Remote Accessibility to App
  • Unit Conversions and Blast Design Terminology
  • GPS Enabled

Explosives users in the mining, quarry, construction, pipeline and geophysical exploration industries know that Dyno Nobel, a global leader in commercial explosives, delivers Groundbreaking Performance through Practical Innovation by focusing on Safety and Continuous Improvement.

Our founder, Alfred Nobel, changed the world with his invention of dynamite and the detonator in the 1860’s and changed it again when he founded the world famous Nobel Prizes. Dyno Nobel’s roots also include William Bickford’s invention of Safety Fuse in 1831. Our corporate history is built on this legacy of safety and innovation.

With Zero Harm as our goal – for our employees, our customers and the environment – our safety standards are among the highest in the industry. Because we are all responsible for working safely, we rigorously apply internationally recognized safety standards at all our locations and in everything we do, from storage and transport to handling and use.

Together with our new owners, Incitec Pivot Limited, we are a global force in nitrogen-based chemical manufacturing, holding foremost positions in the explosives and fertilizer markets. Incitec Pivot’s explosives business will continue to be identified by the well-known Dyno Nobel brand as we take care of our explosives customers in the industries we serve.

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Having issues with you mobile app? Try these two troubleshooting solutions or contact us directly at explosivesengineerguide@am.dynonobel.com

  1. Make sure your mobile device is running the most current operating system. 
  2. Delete the current version of the app and re-install the newest version.