DynoConsult Go Above and Beyond for New Jersey Customer in Peak of COVID-19 Crisis

After Caleb Strope, a DynoConsult Consultant safely and successfully completed Phase One of a demolition job in New Jersey, the customer asked him back to support Phase Two during the peak of the COVID-19 Crisis, Caleb didn’t hesitate.

Caleb Strope, a DynoConsult Consultant, received a call from Independent Explosives informing him that Dykon Explosive Demolition was about to complete phase two of a demolition job near Trenton, NJ.  Caleb supported Dykon Explosive Demolition in phase one a few months ago. Independent Explosives requested that Caleb support them in this phase as well.  

The support consisted of arriving on Friday, tagging the DigiShot® electronic detonators loaded in the structure, then returning on Saturday morning to program and assist the Dykon Explosive Demolition blaster in using the DigiShot box as the blast would be initiated remotely.  

At the time, New Jersey was in the peak of Coronavirus cases.  Caleb followed Dyno Nobel’s COVID-19 protocol by contacting his manager and developing a plan to minimize risks.  The plan included fuelling up and packing enough food and water to last a couple days, thus eliminating the need to make stops in NJ.  He also took hand sanitizer and wipes.  Caleb’s only contact with persons in New Jersey was to work with Dykon Explosive Demolition’s blast crew, where physical distancing was practiced.  Caleb slept in his pickup on Friday night to avoid any hotel stay.  

On Saturday morning the blast was programmed and fired with expected outcomes and without incident.  Caleb then drove three hours home.  The customer was very pleased that DynoConsult was able to support them in this project and were very happy with the results of the blast.

Shared by Braden Lusk, Senior Vice President, National Sales/Technical Services