Global Manufacturing Operating to Plan

Our number one priority remains your health, safety and wellbeing, and as President of not just Global Manufacturing, but also HSE, I want to reiterate that our response to the COVID-19 virus, and the measures we are implementing are designed to keep you all safe while keeping our plants and businesses running with minimal disruptions.

I am proud of the way our Global Manufacturing team is embracing and implementing the additional safety controls to keep us safe and flatten the curve of the spread of the virus, such as the social distancing measures and working arrangements introduced. Despite the challenges the virus is putting on the global infrastructure, our plants across the US and Asia Pacific all continue to remain operational with all precautions operating. 

I am even more impressed with the innovative initiatives our people are employing across our sites to reduce any risk of transmission. 

A great example is using digital display boards to communicate with drivers at our PDCs, eliminating the need for them to enter the office, substituting the dispatch process outdoors and reducing office interfaces with blockades and window arrangements – real and practical examples of social distancing in action.


Above: Social distancing at the permit hut