Shifting the Paradigm of Staying Connected

Read why Nicole Beeman, Business Analyst Corporate Accounts & Technical Services, is Dyno Nobel Proud.

Like many of the world right now, our teams have had to adapt to a new (hopefully temporary) normal, where meetings are virtual, handshakes are now toe taps or finger guns, travel is extremely limited and phone calls are our front-line connection.

At the core of our business, our success is based on the relationships we have with our customers. Those relationships are initiated, built and nurtured by the men and women meeting with, speaking with and providing service to our customers every day.

Thanks to technology and support from our Global IT team, we are able maintain those relationships despite in-person contact being cancelled worldwide. Dyno Nobel has quickly put together a communication network to connect the multiple departments that keep our services flowing. A customer communication forum and toolkit has been created as a consistent, single communication source for our sales and support teams to assure customers’ questions are being answered quickly and accurately.

DynoConsult continues to provide support, maintain communication and work on projects for our customers. Some of the work we do for our customers include blast planning, optimization, and other ongoing services. Important training has been converted to a virtual format so scheduled sessions can continue without a lapse in service for our customers and employees.

Our customers are seeing first hand that Dyno Nobel can be counted on more than ever. We are not only prepared to help them meet their demands but continue to do it safely for everyone as we face an uncertain time together.

For many of us, we’re learning more about the people we connect with. There are funny and sometimes awkward virtual conferences with family and pet interruptions. We are hearing the added pressures in each other’s voices. We are checking in on one another during an unprecedented time and in many ways, we are more connected than ever. We have all made adjustments in our daily work in the face of this pandemic, but we haven’t faltered in our values. This is just one example of how people are Dyno Nobel’s most valuable asset and why I’m #DynoNobelProud. 

Nicole Beeman

Shared by Nicole Beeman, Business Analyst Corporate Accounts & Technical Services