White Rock Quarries Takes the Safety and Security of Their Employees to a New Level

Jim Hurley, President of White Rock Quarries, recently explained their extraordinary best practice in Covid-19 safety to EJ Burke, Vice President Dyno Nobel Brand and Values Ambassador.

White Rock Quarries is a major Florida provider of high-quality DOT-certified crushed limestone aggregates and screenings for road construction, asphalt pavement, and ready-mix concrete products and has been a loyal Dyno Nobel customer for over 30 years.

White Rock Quarries have implemented a process where each equipment operator thoroughly cleans the cab including the steering wheel, the windows, the dashboard and everything else that could have been touched. As an added protection, they do this before and after each 12-hour shift, and the next operator does the same. This new standard applies to every one of the 50 pieces of equipment on site and provides an additional step in disease prevention.

Dyno Nobel is grateful and proud of our very strong relationship with White Rock Quarries, a company who takes the safety and security of their employees to a new level.



White Rock QuarryWhite Rock Quarry

 White Rock QuarryWhite Rock Quarry