Dyno Nobel Media Contacts

Dyno Nobel
A business of Incitec Pivot Limited

6440 S. Millrock Drive
Suite 150
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84121, USA

Telephone: (801) 364-4800
Email: dna.marketing@am.dynonobel.com

Dyno Nobel Americas

SVP Marketing & Channel Management
Scott Sanderude
(801) 328-6435
Email: scott.sanderude@am.dynonobel.com 

VP Marketing & Bulk Products
Greg Tranor
Phone: (734)-634-3519
Email: greg.tranor@am.dynonobel.com

Marketing & Brand Manager
Lauren Gorrell
Phone: (801) 328-6471
Email: lauren.gorrell@am.dynonobel.com

Marketing Specialist
Erin Sanders
Phone: (801) 328-6573
Email: erin.sanders@am.dynonobel.com

SVP Legal and Business Affairs
Jeffrey Droubay
Phone: (801) 328-6448
Email: jeffrey.droubay@am.dynonobel.com

Dyno Nobel Chile

Commercial and Operations Assistant 
Yasna Layseca
Phone: +56222314558
Email: yasna.layseca@am.dynonobel.com

Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific

Senior Marketing and Communications Advisor
Ashleigh Kinder
Phone: (+65) 08-6188-3042
Email: ashleigh.kinder@ap.dynonobel.com