Blasting Services Experts

Our team of experienced and diversified explosives application specialists has one goal: to help improve our customers’ overall profitability through implementing groundbreaking blasting solutions

Shooting for YOUR Bottom Line

Dyno Nobel's blasting services experts, DynoConsult® develop technical solutions to assist our customers’ operations perform optimally at all levels, generating sustainable downstream blasting solutions, processing efficiency, cost savings and productivity gains.  Our experienced consultants adopt a holistic blasting solutions approach to each project.  With an emphasis on results – not just recommendations.  The DynoConsult team works in close partnership with our customers from the initiation stage through to implementation and results monitoring.

Dyno Nobel Blaster Australia

  • Dedicated to safety
  • Superior technical knowledge with practical experience in applications of commercial explosives and blast results
  • Involved from project initiation to delivery of rock fragmentation
  • Focused on delivering results not just consultative recommendations
  • Availability of Dyno Nobel global blasting experts and other industry experts
  • Lead blasting innovation through partnerships with recognized authorities
  • Ready and willing to partner to increase shareholder value using Blast Optimization teams


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