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Austral Plant

Dyno Nobel Explosives Chile (DNEC) inaugurated its first plant on July 20, 2010 in Las Barrancas Coquimbo, 4th region of Chile under the name Southern Ground. Its head office is located in Santiago, capital of Chile.

Coquimbo facilities are the first in Latin America to manually assemble non-electric detonators (NONEL) as well as electronic detonators (DigiShot PLUS).

The plant is approximately 2,800 square meters.  The architecture chosen for its construction matches ecologic structures and promotes a warm and friendly work environment.  DNEC also offers services for loading explosives, magazine management and technical support to its customers.

Today, DNEC has 35 working staff between the plant and Matrix house.




Phone #


 George Cariz   General Manager Chile  +56 9 7758 4335  contacto George
 Marcelo Gonzalez  Team Leader, Austral Plant  +56 9 8299 1662  contacto Marcelo
 Esteban Cárdenas
 Technical Commercial Office  Manager  +56 9 7519 5029
 contacto Esteban
 Cesar Olivares
 Senior Engineer
 +56 9 5719 4989
 contacto Cesar
 Yasna Layseca 
 Commercial  Assistant
 +56 9 5719 4997
 contacto Yasna


Santiago Office
Ebro 2740 Oficina 201-202
Santiago, Chile
Planta Austral
Ruta D-427, KM 4.5
Coquimbo, Chile 
 Tel: 22314558 / 22313542
 Tel: 56-9-81362320

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