Our customized equipment and tools, designed and built by Tradestar, allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations

Tradestar is a global specialised equipment manufacturer for the mining services industry, providing tailored solutions and quality products.

Tradestar has the people, equipment, technical experience, and skill to get the job done — and get it done right.  Problem solving and looking beyond the obvious to discover new and innovative solutions drive the business.  They consistently perform above expectations by approaching challenges with ingenuity and a can-do attitude.

DeltaE Truck

Tradestar has been providing superior solutions for over 45 years.  Products and services are tailored to exceed expectations and provide practical solutions that work in the field.  Tradestar grew from a small operation producing site mixed slurry (SMS) explosive handling trucks to their current state by servicing with care and respect.  

Tradestar has the capability to meet needs from bulk explosive handling trucks to emulsion processing plants.  The workforce is dedicated to producing high quality products through self-directed teams. They have the expertise to ship equipment throughout the world and to manufacture equipment compliant to international design standards.

Tradestar Custom Fit Equipment    

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