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A global leader in commercial explosives, delivering groundbreaking performance through practical innovation.


We're driving new ways of thinking to create and invest in solutions that help our customers overcome their biggest challenges. .

  • We develop practical and reliable solutions anticipating the future, to exceed our customer expectations
  • We are global experts in explosives, cultivating and applying industry knowledge, to create value for our customers
  • We are a reliable, collaborative partner, committed to achieving the best possible results for our customers


To be the best in our markets, delivering Zero Harm and outstanding business performance through our people, our culture and our customer focus.


Our company values hold our diverse workforce together.

  • Zero Harm for everyone, everywhere
  • Treat the business as our own
  • Value, respect, recognise and reward people
  • Care for the community and our environment
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Think customer, everyone, everyday
  • Challenge and improve the status quo

Industries We Serve

Our customers count on us to offer the best products and services to help them save time and make money.  We are the only explosive provider in the world to offer a complete line of commercial explosive products and services.


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Our history is connected to every significant breakthrough in explosives technology.

Established over 180 years ago, Dyno Nobel has a unique history and an unsurpassed Tradition of Practical Innovation. Our founder, Alfred Nobel, changed the world with his invention of dynamite and the detonator in the mid-1800′s and changed it again when he founded the world famous Nobel Prizes. 

Throughout our history, we have patented over 2,800 products with 230 patents currently in force. In fact, most of the innovative explosive products ever invented are traced through Dyno Nobel. 

Beginning with William Bickford’s invention of Safety Fuse in 1831 and Alfred Nobel’s legacy of safety and innovation, we have a unique history and an unrivalled Tradition of Practical Innovation.  

  • 1831   Safety fuse is invented by William Bickford, forerunner of the Ensign-Bickford Company, to replace black powder-filled cord.  Mining safety increases dramatically.
  • 1865- Alfred Nobel, the founder of companies that laid the foundation of Dyno Nobel, invents the first blasting cap.
  • 1867 – Alfred Nobel invents dynamite, another major step in explosives safety and efficiency.
  • 1876 – Production of nitrocellulose starts as Nitroglycerin Compagniet (Alfred Nobel’s first company and forerunner of Nitro Nobel, now part of Dyno Nobel Europe)
  • 1936  – A reliable, flexible, easy-to-use textile-jacketed detonating cord, Primacord®, is develop by the Ensign-Bickford Company
  • 1956 – Slurry (water-based) explosives are pioneered by Dr. Melvin Cook at IRECO.  Later becomes part of Dyno Nobel.
  • 1960’s – IRECO (Dyno Nobel) develops revolutionary inert-until-mixed site mixed (SMS™) pump truck systems for slurry explosives as well as small diameter packaged products
  • 1973 – Nonelectric initiation system NONEL® invented by Per Anders Persson at Nitro Nobel – later Dyno Nobel
  • 1980 – Dyno Nobel commercialises packaged and bulk emulsions, another type of water-based explosive.
  • 1980’s & 1990’s – Continuing development of nonelectric initiation systems by both the Ensign-Bickford Company and Dyno Nobel
  • 1980’s & 1990’s – Continuing development of sophisticated bulk explosives delivery systems by Dyno Nobel
  • 1999 –DynoConsult, a specialist consulting division, is formed to improve our customers’ overall profitability through groundbreaking solutions. Dozens of successful Customer Solutions and Case Studies have been documented in coal, metal, stone and construction.
  • 2000’s –  JV partner DetNet, develops state of the art Electronic Initiation System Technologies to enhance productivity, decrease environmental concerns, and increase safety and cost effectiveness on mine and quarry sites.
  • 2006– Dyno Nobel develops Portable Modular Emulsion Plants allowing us to respond to our customers’ need for high quality Bulk Emulsion on site, in remote locations where raw materials may be difficult to source.
  • 2012 – Dyno Nobel develops Differential Energy™- a proprietary method for controlling the explosive energy profile in the borehole; improving safety, enhancing control and decreasing cost
Alfred Nobel
Old Dynamite
Old Miners

Old Bulk Truck


Recent Mergers and Acquisitions 

Through practical innovation, we have grown to become the market leader in North America (the largest explosives market in the world) and the second largest supplier in Australia (the third largest explosives market in the world). 

  • August 2000 Industri Kapital (IK) acquires Dyno Nobel (Dyno ASA) from the Oslo Stock Exchange and subsequently sells the non-explosives parts of Dyno Nobel
  • May 2003 Dyno Nobel merges with The Ensign Bickford Company
  • December 2003 Dyno Nobel acquires El Paso Corporation’s North American nitrogen plants in Cheyenne Wyoming, St. Helens Oregon, and Battle Mountain Nevada
  • May 2004 Dyno Nobel Canada, a joint venture, is created by consolidating Dyno Nobel Ltd., Dyno Nobel Titan and Western Explosives
  • September 2005 IK sells Dyno Nobel to a consortium of investors led by Macquarie Bank. Macquarie subsequently divests Dyno Nobel’s European, Latin American and Asian assets. 
  • December 2005 Dyno Nobel acquires Nitrochem Corporation’s nitrogen plants in Maitland, Ontario, Canada
  • December 2005 Dyno Nobel acquires the remaining shares of Dyno Nobel Canada which becomes a new business unit of Dyno Nobel Ltd.
  • February 2006 Dyno Nobel acquires St. Lawrence Explosives (Adams Center, New York) and Hall Explosives (Hershey, Pennsylvania), formerly joint venture partners
  • March 2006 Dyno Nobel acquires Dyno East Kentucky (dba Mountain Valley Explosives) (Allen, Kentucky), formerly a joint venture partner
  • April 2006 Dyno Nobel becomes a publicly owned company when Macquarie lists it on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • April 2006 Dyno Nobel acquires the ETI Holding (formerly DuPont) explosives business in the U.S. and Canada
  • May 2006 Dyno Nobel sells a portion of Explosives Energies (formerly an ETI owned distributor) to Buckley Powder, a Dyno Nobel joint venture partner
  • May 2006 Dyno Nobel sells a portion of Explosives Energies (formerly an ETI owned distributor) to Buckley Powder, a Dyno Nobel joint venture partner
  • May 2006 Dyno Nobel sells Golden State Explosives (formerly an ETI owned distributor) to Alpha Dyno Nobel, a Dyno Nobel joint venture partner
  • November 2006 Dyno Nobel announces expansion at the Cheyenne, Wyoming ammonium nitrate production facility intended to serve growth in the nearby Powder River Basin.
  • 2008 Incitec Pivot acquires 100% of Dyno Nobel
  • 2010 IPL Acquires 100% of Nitromak dnx
  • 2010 Dyno Nobel Explosivos Chile Limitada opens electronic detonator manufacturing plant in Chile
  • 2012 Dyno Nobel International is formed as the international business development arm of Dyno Nobel
  • 2012 Dyno Nobel Moranbah ammonium nitrate plant commences operations with an annual capacity of 330,000 tonnes
  • 2013 Dyno Nobel announces a new ammonium nitrate plant in Waggaman, LA

Current Patents

DYNOMINER® Advance 1

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Trojan Spartan® 1
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The following patents are licensed to Dyno Nobel Inc. by its joint venture entity, DetNet South Africa (Proprietary) Limited:

DigiShot® and DigiShot® Plus 1
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1  Some product varieties sold under these product names may not be covered by the listed patents.
* Additional or equivalent patents may exist in other countries not shown above.