DNX Indonesia

A leading supplier of explosives products and blasting services in Indonesia.


Supported by Dyno Nobel's global organisation, DNX Indonesia delivers innovative service from its head office located in Jakarta and operations throughout Kalimantan, East Java and North Sumatra.

The dedicated team strives to achieve the highest standard of products and services in explosive innovation, driven by its vision of being the best in its market, delivering Zero Harm and outstanding business performance through people, culture and customer focus.

 World Class Expertise

DNX Indonesia offers innovative products and services in the following areas:

  • Down the hole (DTH) loading service
  • Blasting services
  • On site bulk emulsion manufacturing
  • Storage and transport of product to site
  • Controlled and special blasting
  • Vibration measurement
  • Used oil processing modules
  • Engineering and technical consulting
  • Safety procedure and auditing
  • Training


Bulk Explosive Breakthroughs
TROJAN™ 2000, 4000, 5000 & 7000 gassed emulsion blends are water resistant bulk explosives, designed to be pumped from bulk delivery truck through a loading hose to the bottom of blast hole. 

Nonelectric Initiation
NONEL® MS Series, NONEL® LP Series, NONEL® EZTL Series & NONEL® Lead Line
NONEL is today's most widely used detonator and is the original patented nonelectric detonator brand – Handil Assembly Plant in Samarinda (Indonesia).

Electronic Initiation

  • Electronic delay timing is much more accurate than  pyrotechnic delay timing
  • Shots fire exactly as designed
  • Improves blasting results and vibration control


A system combining Dyno Nobel’s TROJAN® bulk explosives, with its specifically designed delivery trucks and proprietary AGS (automatic gassing system).

Differential Energy

Electronic Initiation Systems (4G Commander System)
Dyno Nobel and DetNet share expertise to develop and manufacture the most effective electronic detonators on the market. Together, they are the leading edge of rapidly advancing EIS technology.

Commander 4G 

Portable Modular Emulsion Plants

Today’s miners know the days of easy excavation and extractions are gone forever. The riches of the earth now lie in harsh climates and remote regions.

In the past, engineers at remote locations had no choice but to use packaged explosives in applications better suited to bulk products. Building a bulk emulsion plant during the first few months of construction has been out of the question — until now.  Using Dyno Nobel’s unique approach, we can respond to our customers’ need for bulk emulsion on site using our breakthrough, patented technology.

With this practical innovation, Dyno Nobel can provide high quality bulk emulsion in remote locations where raw materials may be difficult to source. In addition, we have developed the ability to use melt grade ammonium nitrate sourcing to facilitate a bulk product supply chain in remote areas – without a waste stream!  We can rapidly construct our portable emulsion plant to offer reliable technology that will get you to work -fast!



DNX Indonesia


DNX Indonesia PT.
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