Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere

Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere is our number one priority


Zero Harm to people and the environment is good business.

Our ambition is to achieve industry leading performance in occupational health, safety, process safety and the environment. Achievement of our ambition is underpinned by our One IPL Zero Harm Strategy to:

We support people with easy to understand and easy to use systems.

Get The Fundamentals Right
We define our minimum expectations; we will be excellent at the fundamentals.

Lead And Engage
We empower, develop and expect everyone to be leaders in Zero Harm.

Strengthen Our Learning Culture
We learn, we share and we fix for good.

Our Success Will Be Measured  

  • We prevent harm to people and the environment
  • Our HSEC performance is continually improving
  • Ownership of HSEC at all levels
  • Relentless focus and verification that we are managing our high-risk exposures
  • We comply with the requirements that give us the legal and social license to operate

Global Success Achieving Zero Harm and Sustainability
Many of our sites have enjoyed significant success achieving our goal of Zero Harm. 

We believe sustainability is ‘the creation of long term economic value whilst caring for our people, our communities and our environment.'

This commitment to sustainability is driven by our Company Purpose and Values. It is core to the way we operate our business.

We recognise that sustainable growth requires acknowledging and proactively managing those issues which are most material to the long term sustainability of our business, our environment and the communities in which we operate. 

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL), we report on the management of these issues annually. Read about this in the latest IPL Sustainability Report.


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