We know our industry and we’re driving new ways of thinking

Our history is connected to nearly every significant breakthrough in explosives technology.

In the 1860’s, Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor with 355 patents, developed and produced revolutionary and safer explosives products including dynamite and blasting caps.  

Today, we continue this tradition of safety and practical innovation.   We provide explosives products and blasting services, which combine to deliver groundbreaking performance for our customers.

With an emphasis on safety, this wealth of explosives expertise is embedded in more than 3,000 employees working around the globe.

Blasting is the first step to extracting the minerals that are essential to many of the products and resources essential for today’s lifestyle.  

Industries We Serve

Our customers have learned that they can count on us to offer the best products and services to help them save time and make money.  We are the only explosive provider in the world to offer a complete line of commercial explosive products and services.

Six Industries

Our Range of Products

Product Lines

Ammonium Nitrate

Because Ammonium Nitrate (AN) is a primary ingredient in our bulk and packaged explosives, we own and operate several strategically located plants where natural gas is converted into AN prills and solution.  Our ability to manufacture and transport more than 1 million tons of AN per year is vitally important to ensure that a reliable supply is available for our manufacturing facilities, distributors and customers.

Bulk Explosives

Today 95% of all explosives consumed are delivered in bulk form. At large scale mines and quarries, specially designed trucks combine the ingredients and pump or auger them into the borehole.

Bulk explosives range from simple ANFO (ammonium nitrate + fuel oil) to straight emulsions and include a wide variety of ANFO/emulsion blends - each with unique performance/cost characteristics.

Packaged ANFO

Where boreholes are dry and the geology is suitable, ANFO, a mixture of ammonium nitrate prills and fuel oil is the most economical and commonly used explosive. For small shots, ANFO is premixed and packaged in 20 kg bags.

Packaged Emulsions

Our line of packaged emulsion explosives are typically produced in chub-type cartridges from 25 to 80mm in diameter.  Packaged emulsions are widely used in hard rock and underground mining. They have excellent water resistance.

Electric Detonators

Although nonelectric detonators are now widely favored, many blasters still prefer electric detonators for the ability to test the circuit before firing the shot. Our electric detonators are manufactured in a range of precise millisecond and long period delays. This allows the boreholes to detonate in a predetermined sequence to control ground vibration and improve rock fragmentation.

Non Electric Detonators

Nonelectric detonators utilize a plastic tube to carry a signal to the detonator instead of a pair of wires. The inside wall of the tube is coated with a reactive powder. When ignited, the shock wave travels inside the tube at 2100m per second to the detonator.

The major advantage of nonelectric initiation is its immunity to potential misfires caused by radio-frequency energy or other stray electrical charges.

Electronic Detonators

Instead of pyrotechnic delay elements, electronic detonators utilize microchips to deliver more precise timing to improve blasting results.  Our SmartShot® and DigiShot® electronic initiation systems are important advances in technology, enabling users to achieve accurate benefits of electronic initiation systems with the easy connections of traditional nonelectric shock tube systems.

Cast Boosters

Virtually all of today’s bulk explosives (and some packaged explosives) are not detonator sensitive. That is, a standard strength detonator fired in the explosive will not cause it to detonate. Boosters amplify the detonator’s energy to initiate a reliable full-order detonation in the explosive column.  We manufacture a full line of cast boosters in a variety of types and sizes.

Detonating Cord

For those who require the exceptional strength and durability of detonating cord in their initiation system, we manufacture a line of reliable, high quality cord in all of the popular core weights.

Seismic Explosives

The gas and oil exploration industry utilizes specialized explosives to generate an acoustic wave for seismic data acquisition. We manufacture a comprehensive line of seismic explosives that are in use by exploration crews worldwide

Delivery Equipment

We pioneered most of the bulk explosives delivery equipment in use by the explosives industry today and has always been the leader in introducing new and innovative explosives delivery systems.