Work With Us

We are diversified, dedicated and driven.

Groundbreaking performance through practical innovation is real and credible because of our people.

The essence of a sustainable company lies in its people.  Attracting, developing and retaining a talented and diverse workforce is driven by our company values, which enables us to achieve the high performance culture required in a global company.

  • Our Company Values hold us together
  • Employees are rewarded for Living the Values 
  • A diverse workforce broadens our perspective

Our Values

Zero Harm for Everyone, Everywhere
  • Promote safe behaviour > Think safe > act safe > be safe
  • Train and follow safety systems and procedures
  • Identify and control hazards
  • Look after ourselves and each other
Logo - Zero Harm
Treat the Business as Our Own
  • Achieve the best financial outcomes through controlling costs, minimizing waste and protecting our assets
  • Develop positive customer and supplier relationships that benefit and grow the business
  • Be accountable and act with honesty and integrity
  • Invest in initiatives that secure our future
 Logo - Tread the Business as Our Own
Value People, Respect, Recognise and Reward
  • Respect each other and work as a team
  • Communicate in an open and honest manner
  • Invest in the development of people through training
  • Recognize and reward in line with performance
  • Work together to achieve a work-life balance
 Logo - Value People, Respect, Recognize & Reward
Deliver on Our Promises
  • Do what we say we’re going to do
  • Take ownership
  • Find creative ways to deliver
  • Clearly communicate
 Logo - Deliver on Our Promises
Care for the  Community & Our Environment
  • Listen to and work with the community
  • Treat water as a precious resource
  • Minimize environmental impacts and leave NO legacies
 Values Care for Community
Think Customer, Everyone, Every Day
  • Listen, understand and exceed customer expectations
  • Build enduring and mutually beneficial customer relationships at all organizational levels
  • Deliver safe, reliable products and services on time and complete
  • Be the easiest company to do business with
 Logo - Think Customer, Everyone, Every Day

Challenge and Improve the Status Quo

  • Be proactive in seeking continuous improvement of ideas
  • Embrace the change and purseu innovative solutions
 Logo - Challenge & Improve the Status Quo


Employee Awards Program for Living the Values 

IPL Values Awards celebrate the achievements of an individual employee, or group of employees, who have been exemplary in ‘living the values’.  These people help to deliver on our promises and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. 

I enjoy helping people and learning processes to become an expert at them. I like being a valued resource for my group. I am honored to receive this award. ”Kathy Lambert Administrative Assistant Recipient of IPL Values Award “Treat the Business as Our Own”


Highlights of our comprehensive and competitive benefit package are listed below:

  • Medical
  • Dental 
  • Vision 
  • Life and disability insurance 
  • Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts
  • Defined contribution retirement plans
  • Paid Vacation and Holidays 
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Tuition reimbursement 
  • Emergency travel assistance

In addition, we offer other personal benefits under Financial, Health & Lifestyle, Technology & Travel designed to meet the needs of our employees and their families. 

Your Dyno Nobel Human Resource contact can answer any questions you may have about coverage and eligibility.

*Benefits vary by country 

Employee Referral Program

Our employees are encouraged (and paid!) to refer their friends to Dyno Nobel

We recognise that our employees may know and socialise with other great potential employees, therefore we have developed an Employee Referral Program.  The program aims to incentivise our employees to refer their friends or professional acquaintances, whose qualifications and experience match the selection criteria of a vacant advertised position within Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific, including Incited Pivot Limited.

Successful Employment Referrals can only be made by current employees who meet the eligibility criteria and they will receive a monetary reward for each successful referral.  A successful referral means the referred employee must complete a six month qualifying period as a permanent employee. If more than one employee refers the same candidate, the first referral received will be honoured.