Verlene Lovell Enjoys Her Challenging Job

Verlene Lovell, Explosives R&D Manager, says there is no such thing as a typical day at work.  “Every day is different and that's why I enjoy my job. There are always new challenges to resolve whether it's change management, new product development, EBIT improvement projects, technical support or a myriad of other work, it's almost... 

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Verlene Lovell
Minesite Operator

Barry Hewitt Does What it Takes

Shift Supervisor Barry Hewitt saved much of the US$14,000 it would have cost to renovate a control room by organizing it himself.  The turnaround radically altered the control room, replacing old panels with computer controls that were smaller and much more efficient. Bob said this left a mess where the old equipment was located...

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Henry Ford Hasn't Missed a Day’s Work in 39 Years

Henry Ford, who was born in the year his namesake and car manufacturer died, was riding his Harley 39 years ago, stopped in to the Dyno Nobel Beckley plant and said, “I need gas money to head south, so don't make friends and don't get to know me cause as soon as I get money I’m gone”.  He hasn’t missed a day since, 39 years later...

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Titan Loading Holes

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