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Dyno Nobel North America (DNNA) supplies industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries in the United States and Canada, the largest explosives market in the world.  Additionally, DNNA supplies nitrogen based products to agricultural and industrial chemical markets.

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Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific (DNAP) supplies industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining industry in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea for surface and underground mining in the thermal coal, metallurgical coal, iron ore and other metals sectors.  DNAP is the second largest supplier in Australia which is the third largest explosives market in the world.

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How to avoid job scams

Genuine communication related to job offers by Dyno Nobel will never require the applicant to make payments or give banking information during the recruitment process.

Genuine job offers from Dyno Nobel will never be given without an in-person interview.

We are currently aware of job scams in which scammers try to extract personal information (Social Security Number, date of birth, banking information, etc.) from people looking for jobs with Dyno Nobel.

How to spot a fraudulent job posting, email or other recruitment-related communication:

  1. Someone asks for money.
  2. You receive an offer without interviewing in person.
  3. You receive an email from a non-Dyno Nobel address.
  4. Someone asks for bank details or Social Security information.
  5. You receive a job offer for a role you did not apply for.

 When in doubt, please reach out via our Contact Us page with questions.

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