Barry Hewitt Does What it Takes

Shift Supervisor Barry Hewitt saved much of the US$14,000 it would have cost to renovate a control room by organizing it himself

The turnaround radically altered the control room, replacing old panels with computer controls that were smaller and much more efficient. Bob said this left a mess where the old equipment was located.

“Barry was the leader of the effort to make the space more functional,” he said. “He volunteered his own time and resources to coordinate building a new operating space. While the entire team in the control room contributed, it was Barry's driving inspiration and leadership that helped to achieve completion.” Bob said Barry inspired his colleagues to work as a team and take responsibility, which was a good example of BEx in action. The project also saved much of the US$14,000 it would have cost to use contractors.

Barry used local materials costing a few hundred dollars to create a professional finish that improved operational conditions.

Barry has been with the company for seven years and leads four to five colleagues to ensure customers are happy and Zero Harm is maintained.

Bob said the awards showed that Donora colleagues were living his favorite quote: “whatever it takes”. Plant Manager Lars Story agreed. “We are both excited about the many little changes we are seeing after a lot of challenges,” he said. “When people do the exceptional on a regular basis it’s easy to forget that we should still thank them and recognize them.  To me, that is the BEx story.”