Henry Ford Hasn’t Missed a Day’s Work in 39 Years

Henry Ford, who was born in the year his namesake and car manufacturer died, was riding his Harley 39 years ago, stopped in to the Dyno Nobel Beckley plant and said, “I need gas money to head south, so don't make friends and don't get to know me cause as soon as I get money I’m gone”.  He hasn’t missed a day since, 39 years later.  

The Beckley Plant is an explosives distribution and blast services center with a new ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) plant.  Over the years, Henry has worked in the bagging plant and as a driver and shot crew member before his current role as Magazine Keeper.  He also loads trucks.

His motto is ‘Be safe and be here tomorrow’.  Henry said, “I tell everyone every day to come to work, be safe and watch out for others through the day, go home safely at the end of the day and we’ll do it again tomorrow.”

Beckley Site Manager Frank Vance said Henry is extremely efficient, conscientious and accurate, both in his own role and in his dealings with others.

“He takes pride in his job,” Frank said. “It bothers him when something isn’t right. I can trust him.” He said over the years in various roles, Henry had earned the respect of everyone he’s dealt with.

Henry’s colleague, Florence Mullens, who works in the office, has been at the site a year longer.  She said the reason she’s been here 40 years is because she’s working with him and with his efficiency she knows she’ll be safe.

Frank said Henry “has a big influence on everyone, a positive influence. Once you meet Henry you remember him.”