Verlene Lovell Enjoys Her Challenging Job

Verlene Lovell, Explosives R&D Manager, says there is no such thing as a typical day at work.  “Every day is different and that's why I enjoy my job." 

There are always new challenges to resolve whether it's change management, new product development, EBIT improvement projects, technical support or a myriad of other work, it's almost always interesting.”  As a shared resource to the company, Verlene’s team works with a large number of other cross-functional groups such as product management, operations, procurement and supply chain, to solve problems for the business.

Verlene began working for Dyno Nobel 15 years ago as a Research Scientist.  She has also worked as a Laboratory Manager and the Lehi R&D Manger before getting her current position as the Senior R&D Manager for the America’s Explosive’s team.  She attributes the R&D explosives success to the talented people she works with.  She says, “I love being a problem solver and having such a talented team to work with. I don't have to be the smartest person to do my job well, I just have to surround myself with good people and rely on them as resources.”

Although Verlene now says explosive “powder is in her blood”, getting into the business was just happenstance. She says, “I had never heard of Dyno Nobel but they advertised for a research scientist position shortly after I graduated and the rest is history. It was providence and I have never regretted it.”

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