Braden Lusk Senior Vice President National Sales & Tech. Services

Braden Lusk earned his BS and PhD from the University of Missouri Rolla.  He is a registered Engineer in Kentucky, Ohio, and Missouri.  Dr. Lusk has over 20 years of experience in the mining and blasting industry with wide ranging expertise in blast optimization, fragmentation, and vibration.  Prior to joining Dyno Nobel, Dr. Lusk was Professor and Chair of Mining and Nuclear Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Braden Lusk
Russ Lamont

Russell Lamont National Consulting Manager

Russell has earned his B.S. in Mining Engineering from the University of Kentucky.   Russell also holds an MBA from the University of Charleston, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of WV, and a certified blaster in the state of KY.  Russell has 15 years of experience in operations and engineering management in the coal and aggregate industries, in both surface and underground applications.

Nicole Beeman Business Analyst – Corp. Accounts & Technical Services

Nicole earned a degree in Audio Engineering from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. She has been working in the mining industry for 7 years and joined Dyno Nobel in 2013 as a recruiter for North America. In 2015, she joined DynoConsult as an Analyst. Since then, she’s helped maintain tracking for all DynoConsult projects, provided analysis for the group, as well as supported various corporate functions for the team. She manages DynoConsult data and corporate analytics.

Nicole Beeman
Brad Brown

Brad Brown Senior Consultant

Brad is a Mining Engineer with engineering and production experience in surface coal, plus extensive experience in commercial explosives and blasting technology across a wide range of mining operations. He has expertise in blast design and analysis, technical support, and explosives training.

Matthew Cottrell-Cumber Field Consultant

Mathew earned his BSc in Tech Mining & Minerals Engineering with a minor in Green Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2018. He has been a Field Engineer with DynoConsult since graduation. Current primary duties include 3D profiling for burden reports, cabled boretraking to check for drill deviation, as well as provide other tech support for blasters. Proficient in AutoCAD, Carlson, Quarry 6, and other mining and design software packages. 

Matt Cottrell-Cumber
Scott Giltner

Scott Giltner Senior Project Engineering Manager

Scott has earned his PhD, Master of Science degree, and Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering.  Scott also became certified as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute.  Scott has worked in several countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Peru, Australia, and Canada.  His specialty area is blast optimization and instrumentation used for blast monitoring and quantifying blasting results. Scott’s current responsibilities include developing, managing and implementing projects focused on delivering value-creating process solutions to the quarrying, mining and construction industries.

Daniel Gros-Jean Manager, Eastern Canada

Daniel earned a degree in Construction Engineering from the University of ÉTS. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of drilling and blasting. First trained in DEP in heavy diesel mechanic and DEP in drilling and blasting, Daniel worked as a blaster, vibration control technician, drill and blast technician and drilling and blasting trainer. He worked for companies specializing in this field for the next eleven years as a project manager and project director. During this time, he worked in various complex blasting projects (hydroelectric dams, urban blasting near high-tech research center, surface mines, underground mines and underwater projects). Daniel joined DynoConsult in 2012. He also participates in legislative committees in Canada on the application of explosives.

Daniel Gros-Jean
Paul Kuznik

Paul Kuznik Senior Consultant

Paul studied in Construction Engineering at ETS University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2003). He then worked in an engineering firm related to quality control of materials such as soils, concrete and asphalt. After a year in project management, Paul managed a department specializing in preventive structure inspection, movement control as well as vibration and noise monitoring.   Paul’s has also worked on projects involving excavation, blasting, pile driving, dynamic soil compaction demolition and other operations of construction as well as being called as expert witness for court cases. In 2014, he joined DynoConsult as a Field Engineer. Currently, he supports operations teams in product application and best practices, prepares numerous trainings, site measurements, safety audits, optimization of blasting in various sites spanning from construction work, through quarries to mines. He prepares blast designs in complex areas yielding safe and profitable results. 

Trent Mitchell Field Consultant

Trent earned his BS in Mining Engineering from University of Missouri S&T. He has been a field engineer with Dyno Consult for 8 months in the southern Indiana area assisting Peabody Energy. Before coming on to Dyno Consult, Trent worked in Sand Mining doing plant continuous improvement, blasting optimization/economics/contract negotiations, and site management.  Trent is a certified UAS Pilot and uses drones for shot analysis, profiling, and videos. 

Trent Mitchell
Joe Nawrocki

Joe Nawrocki Manager, Northeast United States

Joe has worked in the explosives industry for 46 years. In addition to his expertise in blast design and execution, Joe’s expertise include site management, drill and blast team management, product deployment, training, auditing, risk assessment, flyrock and misfire investigation and procedure implementation. 

Willard Pierce Director of Blasting Excellence

Bachelor of Science, Reclamation, University of Wisconsin, Platteville.  Thirty-Six years in the mining industry.  Regulated blasting and explosives in multiple states.  Expert witness in legal proceedings.  Developed and implemented blaster training and certification programs.  Conducted blasting research at the US Bureau of Mines.   Sales and Operational experience in United States and Canada, including customer service, delivery and explosives manufacturing sites.  Realignment of the competency-based Operator Training System to the safety standards of Dyno Nobel.  Management of explosives and blasting Application Technology engineers across the America’s.  Provide transitional leadership to enhance a culture of process, driven by safety, productivity and teamwork.

Willard Pierce
Nathan Rouse

Nathan Rouse Principle Consultant

Nathan Rouse earned his BS in Mining Engineering (‘09), MS in Explosives Engineering (’10), and PhD in Mining and Explosives Engineering (’15) from the University of Missouri-Rolla/Missouri S&T.  He is a licensed blaster in Kentucky and Missouri and a Professional Engineer in KY, OH, VA, SD, TN, MD, and FL.  Dr. Rouse has over 10 years of global experience in the mining and blasting industry with expertise in blast instrumentation and root cause analysis, optimization and auditing in surface and underground mines, vibration control, training, and expert witness work.  Prior to joining Dyno Nobel, Dr. Rouse managed the explosives engineering team at Respec.

Cody Schaefer Manager, Peabody Team

Cody earned a B.S. in Construction Engineering and Management from Purdue school of Engineering. He has 10 years’ experience in multiple facets of the mining industry ranging from blaster, operations, technical support, business development, and engineering.   

Cody Schaefer
Vince Sloan

Vince Slone Senior Consultant

Vince earned a B.S. in Mining Engineering from the University of Kentucky and a M.S. in Explosives Engineering from Missouri S&T. He has worked in the mining industry for 6 years. Vince started his career at the Bingham Canyon Copper mine in Salt Lake City, Utah where he held a variety engineering and supervisory roles. It was his interest and experience in blasting that led him to Dyno Nobel where he worked in technical sales for the electronic initiation group for 2 years prior to joining the DynoConsult team. 

Caleb Strope Field Consultant

Caleb earned his BS in Engineering Management from Missouri S&T Rolla.  He worked for Buckley Powder (Joint Venture Dyno Nobel Distributor) for four years working in quarries. He has been with Dyno Nobel in DynoConsult working primarily in the east coast, with a focus on both quarries and underground mines.

Caleb Strope
Jay Thorsness

Jay Thorsness Senior Consultant

Jay has been with Dyno Nobel since 1990 in various capacities. His roles have included: driver/operator (Bulk trucks and mix plant), blaster (Washington, Oregon, Idaho), Sales and operations manager (Oregon Division), Operations Manager (NW area 4 operations locations), Account Manager (NW Area), and currently a Technical Representative with DynoConsult for the past 10 years. 

Miguel Valenzuela Senior Consultant

Miguel earned his BSc. Mining Engineering in 2013 from University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. He has 6.5 years mining experience: 4 years in Mine Engineering and Planning and 2.5 years in Drill and Blast. Miguel has worked in open-pit gold, copper and iron (magnetite) as well as surface coal mines. He has a focus on use of advanced tools & technology in mining systems to improve competitiveness of operation. Currently, he is working on projects involving the use of electronic detonators in blasts to increase loader productivity & reduce vibration for highwall stability. Miguel also is a certified UAS Pilot and uses drones for blast videography and 3D photogrammetry for blast optimization.

Miguel Valenzuela
Tristan Worsey

Tristan Worsey Manager, Central & Southeast United States

He has over 10 years of experience in performing explosives and mining engineering work.  He holds a B.S. in Mining Engineering and a M.S. in Explosives Engineering from the University of Missouri Rolla.  Tristan is currently a licensed blaster in the state of Kentucky and Missouri as well as a licensed professional engineer in the state of Kentucky.  His expertise includes drill and blast optimization for surface and underground mines, blasting next to failures, fragmentation optimization, equipment rescue, collapse blasting, vibration and airblast monitoring, explosives safety audits, explosive storage design, proximity blasting, blaster training, and post-blast investigations.

Bethany Witter Field Consultant

Bethany earned a BS in Mining Engineering with a minor in Green Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2019. She has been a Field Engineer with DynoConsult since graduation. Current tasks include face profiling, boretraking, drone services, blast designs and additional tech support. Based out of Atlanta, GA in the south-central region. 

Bethany Witter
Derek Zwaan

Derek Zwaan Senior Consultant

Derek earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from Queen’s University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto. He is also a Professional Engineer based out of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Derek is experienced in surface and underground blasting operations and has worked on major projects regarding blast improvements and optimization at various sites throughout Ontario and Manitoba, Canada.

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