BlastWeb® Underground Blasting System

BlastWeb® Underground Blasting System is an electronic networking system designed to reduce costs by decreasing time spent on production and development blasting in underground mining operations.

This centralized blasting system is the most sophisticated system available, having the capability to: communicate on different platforms, initiate up to 24 Blast Control Units (BCU) and reduce production time by up to an hour a day. It also improves safety, allowing for blasts to be initiated above ground or in a distant safe location. For improved time management and safety the user friendly BlastWeb system is your solution.


BlastWeb system 



Drastically Reducing Production Blast Times

  • Constant communication between BCU and detonators
  • Fires up to 24 BCUs in a single setting, saving up to an hour a day
  • Test and tags all detonators so blaster knows they are ready to be fired
  • Initiates up to 28,000 detonators


Improves Safety & Security

  • Ability to initiate from surface or safe location underground
  • Unique password required
  • Specific smart key required for blast initiation


Systems Required:

 QTY Material Description
 1 BW304810
Blast Controller (BlastWeb)
 1-24 BW303963
BCU (6 channels) (for permanent installation)
 1-24 BW306451
Portable BCU (6 channels, optional)
 1 BW306780
TERMINATOR 2 - WIRE 10 PER CASE (consumable, one required per channel used)
 1 BW305746
2-WIRE PASSIVE CONNECTION BLOCK (consumable, for connecting bus lines, optional)
 1 BW302415
 1 BW302558
BLASTWEB SMARTKEY YELLOW (1 required for each BCU)