Is your productivity being derailed? Whether the main issue at your mine is effective cast blasting with highwall stability, reduced vibration, diggability or coal loss, you can depend on our blasting expertise to keep your productivity on track.

Customized blasting can improve ore recovery. Our latest bulk emulsion innovation, Differential Energy™, offers variable density loading to match your geology. Combined with the flexible electronic timing of DigiShot® / SmartShot™, you will gain more control of your blast results.

Our fit for purpose products and application knowledge can help ensure you’re on schedule. The right fragmentation improves diggability and keeps your excavators busy.

Counting Each Ton And Making Each Ton Count It’s competitive out there. For the lowest operational costs, think of drilling, blasting, loading, hauling, crushing and sizing as links in your total value chain. It’s not about the lowest cost at every step, but making the product that your customers want at the lowest total cost. Let us help you optimize the use of explosives energy to maximize your profitability.

Doodlebuggers around the world can benefit from the advanced technologies of Dyno Nobel Seismic Explosives Systems. We bring innovation and experience to the acquisition of accurate seismic data using safe and efficient methods in a wide variety of challenging environments.

Our underground products will help you reduce operating expenses, decrease the time required to load the heading rounds, and improve production.

Best Products + Best Locations = Best in Class: Dyno Nobel manufactures and distributes chemical products from strategically located plants and storage facilities to the industrial and agricultural markets. We have invested heavily in strong partnerships to provide a distribution network to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Dyno Nobel produces nitric acid in a variety of strengths as well as urea and ammonia based fertilizers (see Agriculture).