Safety and Sustainability

Zero Harm for Everyone Everywhere is our number one priority

Dyno Nobel is the 1st non-mining principle organization to receive CORESafety Certification.

​CORESafety is a partnership led by the members of the National Mining Association (NMA). It’s an approach to mining safety and health to prevent accidents before they happen using a management system that involves leadership, management, and assurance.

All accidents are preventable.  Injuries, illnesses and environmental damage are not an inevitable consequence of conducting business.  

Zero Harm means zero recordable occupational illness, injuries, fatalities, preventable transportation incidents, environmental releases and process events.  All employees and contractors, vendors and business partners are held to this Value.


We live this Value by:

  • Promoting safe behaviors
  • Training, and following safety systems and procedures
  • Identifying and controlling hazards
  • Looking after ourselves and each other

Safety is personal.  At Dyno Nobel, we have two ways to identify those conditions and practices that may impact our own safety and safety of those working around us: Take5! and SAO.   

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Global Success Achieving Zero Harm

As shown in our Sustainability Report, many of our sites have enjoyed significant success achieving our goal of Zero Harm. 

  • 3,000 days  - Gregory Crinum coal mine in Queensland, Australia  
  • 4 million hours  - ammonium nitrate site in Moranbah, Queensland, Australia
  • 2,000 days - initiating systems plant in Graham, Kentucky, USA  
  • 1 million hours - ammonium nitrate site in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
  • 9 Years  - ammonium nitrate site in Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA
  • 1st year of operation  - Coquimbo, Chile
  • Six years - Gold Safety Award - Morris Illinois, USA was
  • 2 Years in a row - Certificate of Excellence from the Institute of Explosive Makers for safety in DNA
  • Driver Alertness Program - Our Dyno Nobel Transportation division in North America 


We are proactively involved with our communities and committed to minimizing environmental impacts

We believe sustainability is ‘the creation of long-term economic value whilst caring for our people, our communities and our environment.'

This commitment to sustainability is driven by our Company Purpose and Values. It is core to the way we operate our business.

We recognize that sustainable growth requires acknowledging and proactively managing those issues which are most material to the long-term sustainability of our business, our environment and the communities in which we operate.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL), we report on the management of these issues annually in the IPL Sustainability Report.

Examples of Our Community Support 



We Take our Environmental Obligation Seriously

As an international manufacturer of industrial explosives and fertilizers, our operations rely on resources such as natural gas and water and have the potential to impact the environment through emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), waste generation and contamination of soil and groundwater. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and are committed to our Value of “Care for the Community & our Environment”.  We have in place and continue to improve the management processes and systems to make our operations and products more environmentally sustainable and seek to respond to our stakeholders in regard to our environmental impacts and dependencies.

Our approach

As per our Value of “Care for the Community & our Environment”, we apply a continuous improvement approach to management of environmental matters, focusing on the efficient use of non-renewable resources, environmental management at our sites and the rehabilitation and remediation of contaminated sites.

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy states that we will:

• conduct our operations in compliance with all relevant environmental licenses and regulations;

• promote the efficient use of resources and energy; and

• strive to minimize our impact on the environment.

As a global chemical company with operations in many countries, our approach to communities varies widely, depending on where our sites are located.  For example, in remote sites, such as Phosphate Hill in outback Queensland, Australia we have few neighbors.  In regional towns we are often a major employer and customer and, in industrial estates, we are one of many other manufacturing or distribution businesses.

Our Community Investment Framework helps us to build lasting, sustainable and meaningful relationships with local communities and improve the level of engagement with our employees, as they are empowered to make a difference within their local communities. It also sets minimum standards all businesses and sites within the Group are required to uphold when administering community spend, ensuring a consistent global approach. Importantly, the framework also allows each IPL business and site to respond to the distinct needs of their stakeholders and circumstances with localized approaches via the IPL Community Fund and Dollar for Dollar Program. 

Three Big Ways Dyno Nobel is Caring for the Environment

One of our focus areas of our sustainability agenda has been to use less non-renewable resources in our operations. We have established reduction targets for our Australian manufacturing sites and we will announce and report against these for the first time next year, once we finalize our reporting methodology. 

While there is a substantial amount of work to be done to achieve these targets, some of our sites are already starting to see results that are both cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

1. Tons of recycled plastic

Each year 30,000 bags were stored on site before being transported to landfill. In March 2012, staff were trained to use a bag baler which meant the bags could be baled and collected by a recycler at very little cost. This recycling project is being implemented at several other Australian sites which also empty ammonium nitrate bags, and will produce similar recycled plastic tonnages and savings.

2.  Converted spill used as nutrient rich topsoil

Three employees developed a cost-effective and safe solution to the problem. By combining 60 per cent sand with 40 per cent ammonium nitrate, the spill is converted to a safe nonexclusive form of nutrient that can be used as nutrient rich topsoil. A local farmer accredited to handle ammonium nitrate uses the topsoil on his property.

3. Energy savings through solar power

A third project involves two solar power trials at Dyno Nobel sites in Queensland. These trials are implementing innovative energy saving offices from Blue Planet Buildings at Lady Loretta Mine near Mt Isa and the Ernest Henry Mine at Clonclurry.

 The flat pack solar buildings can be used in any remote location as long as there is sun. With six buildings fitting onto one semi-trailer, the freight cost is greatly reduced and buildings can be quickly mobilized. They are also rated to the highest Australian Standard cyclone rating.

The 2014 environment targets and initiatives will be measured, monitored and audited through our reporting system which has been implemented across Asia Pacific manufacturing and distribution sites. The next step is to set targets and roll out a central reporting system in our North American operations.