Take5! and SAO

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy describes how we deliver Zero Harm.

Take5! = Check yourself

Take5! Is a personal rapid hazard assessment used before starting any task. It ensures that you’re aware of any risks and have put controls in place to make it safe to proceed.

A Take5! Is conducted before a task begins, at reasonable intervals if a new work process is introduced, a process or operation changes or before significant additions or alterations.  Everyone at some point participates in activities with an element of risk. It is your last chance to ensure you are not putting yourself or others at risk.

A Take5! includes the following steps:

  1. Before starting, think through the task. What are you about to do?
  2. See the hazards. What main hazards are involved?
  3. Eliminate or manage hazards. What controls will you use to reduce the task’s risk?
  4. Assess the remaining risk. Use the Hazard Assessment Tool (HAT) to determine the task’s hazard classification after controls have been applie


Safe Act Observation (SAO) = Check Others

Safe Act Observation (SAO) reinforces excellent safe practice, identifies necessary improvements, highlights any barriers and is an opportunity to raise safety issues. 

SAO is a five-step process:

  1. Identify an opportunity to conduct a SAO
  2. Be prepared by being familiar with the task you are observing
  3. Conduct the observation
  4. Provide feedback as soon as possible
  5. Personal debrief and close out