Dyno Nobel Albania

Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k was established in 2006, completely owned by Nitromak Dyno Nobel Turkey, which was bought by Dyno Nobel in 2010.

The main field of activity of Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k  is manufacturing and supplying civil type of explosive products and provision of blasting services and consultancy for all types of blasting applications.

In Albania Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k was the explosive provider and blasting services supplier for the total open pit and tunnel excavations for the well-known Rreshen-Kalimash highway project. Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k is currently supplying explosive materials for civil use and blasting services for the companies working on mining, stone quarrying, construction and engineering projects etc. Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k is strongly working to be the leading supplier of industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining, quarrying, seismic and construction industries in Albania.

Using the technology and knowhow of DYNO NOBEL, Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k produces anfo and imports from Nitromak Dyno Nobel Turkey emulsion type explosives and non-electrical initiation systems from its plants in Turkey. Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k has magazines located in a very strategic place in the center of Albania in Zall-Herr,Tirana region.

Besides its main operations in Albania Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k has extensive knowledge and experience in;

  • Production & marketing of explosives,
  • Production & marketing of non-electrical initiation systems,
  • Drilling & charging pattern designs,
  • Complete charging & blasting services,
  • Bulk charging,
  • Storage & transportation services,
  • Special blasting operations,
  • Cautious blasting,
  • Supply of accessories,
  • Engineering & consultancy services,
  • Sectorial trainings,
  • Installation of manufacturing facilities / plants,
  • Representation of international companies.

Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k supplies only CE certificated products of her mother company Nitromak Dyno Nobel which are produced in compliance with the quality standards of ISO-9000, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14000. Quality is of major importance to Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k, and like DYNO NOBEL, Dyno Nobel Albania Sh.p.k is renowned for its excellent safety performance and as a provider of innovative explosive products and services, which together deliver groundbreaking performance for its customer.