EZshot® LP

Combining the best of both worlds for underground perimeter blasting.


EZshot is Groundbreaking Technology

With the benefits of accurate electronic timing and the ease of use of NONEL® shock tube, this system can lead to improved perimeter control, time savings and a reduction in overall production costs. Using the same J-Hook hookup as NONEL, no new training is required, allowing a quick transition for any project. 

EZshot may help with a reduction in overall production costs with benefits including:

Better Control

* Reduction in Overbreak
* Improved Wall Stability
* Minimises Scaling
* Less Time Mucking, Hauling & Processing

Familiar System

* Identical NONEL Shock Tube
* Colour Coded J-Hook
* No Training Required

Precision and Accuracy

* Electronic Detonator
* Improved Perimeter Control
* Pre-programmed Delay Timing





Product Information and Resources

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