EZshot: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

EZshot® is the newest addition to Dyno Nobel’s electronic initiation portfolio, exclusively designed for underground perimeter blasting.


EZshot is Groundbreaking Technology

With the benefits of accurate electronic timing and the ease of use of NONEL® shock tube, this system can lead to improved perimeter control, time savings and a reduction in overall production costs. Using the same J-Hook hookup as NONEL, no new training is required, allowing a quick transition for any project. 

EZshot may help with a reduction in overall production costs with benefits including:

Better Control

* Reduction in Overbreak
* Improved Wall Stability
* Minimises Scaling
* Less Time Mucking, Hauling & Processing

Familiar System

* Identical NONEL Shock Tube
* Colour Coded J-Hook
* No Training Required

Precision and Accuracy

* Electronic Detonator
* Improved Perimeter Control
* Pre-programmed Delay Timing





Product Information and Resources

Case Study - EZshot® Reduced Overbreak by 12% at Australian Mine

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