Booster Business Team

In 2015, the Principle Engineer at the time, John Jeracka, visited our plant in Mexico. Jeracka presented on the other Booster plants, which sparked some questions such as:

“Why do the mixers look different?”
“Why are they using hoses instead of pitchers”
“Why is the flooring different?”

He listened to my questions and finally invited me to visit the other Booster plants so I could ask the workers my questions. It came as a great surprise that my questions were taken so seriously.

A couple of months later, I visited CAMP and WOIL Booster plants. I appreciate that everyone I met was open to answering all my questions, even the silly ones. I was new to the job, so it was nice to have Robert Ware as my travel companion the whole trip. He even drove 8 hours from CAMO to WOIL and drove me back the next day.

Without being asked, I created a report on my observations with my pictures and comparisons. I didn’t expect any recognition, but the response I received was great! 

An audit with the managers and MQEs from the other Booster plants and Joe Twarog, from the R&D Department, was conducted. Some practices were praised, while others were questioned.

Eric Reale, who was aware of the situation, had taken the initiative to bring us to other plants whenever an audit was being conducted to share good practices, provide feedback, and make future plants to improve efficiency and eliminate difficulties. This group became known as the ‘Booster Business Team’.
This team meeting is still held twice a year. It has given me the opportunity to communicate openly, share ideas and good practices and receive help when there’s a problem. 

I personally appreciate all the time invested from the people interested in helping us improve safety and efficiency. There are still ways to improve practices and it is important to share those ideas openly. Learning from one another is so important.

Marco Polo Ruvalcaba Cázares
DNMX Booster Process Engineer

Dinamita Booster