Essential Business Operating to Support Other Essential Industries

The situation regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is constantly changing and Dyno Nobel’s priority is to ensure the safety of our people and customers.

Dyno Nobel’s leadership team has met daily since early March to discuss immediate actions required in response to changing conditions. The first consideration for these discussions is the safety, health, and welfare of our employees, customers, and those that interact with our business. We are actively managing work schedules, minimizing exposure, and protecting our workers that are necessary to operate our business. All functions across our business are responding in amazing ways to maintain strong supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, delivery and servicing of our customers.

Dyno Nobel has a rigorous risk mitigation process encompassing all identified raw material inputs and plant consumables to ensure the safe and effective operations of our manufacturing facilities and distribution networks. We have made risk based decisions to minimize sourcing from high risk countries and we have proactively increased our domestic inventories of key raw materials to cover potential disruption risk. Our procurement and supply chain teams meet multiple times daily to monitor the health of our people and our supply chains. At this time we see no impact or disruption to servicing our customers.

Based on our current knowledge and our risk mitigation practices we consider our supply disruption risk extremely low. Should this situation materially change, we have a system in place to inform key stakeholders as soon as we become aware of new information.

In response to the spread of the disease, some jurisdictions have issued executive orders that demand various actions for citizens. Some of these orders require shelter in place but have exemptions for certain industries and activities. Dyno Nobel is constantly monitoring these executive orders and responding accordingly. As of now, the vast majority of these orders exempt Dyno Nobel and its operations as essential activities. A detailed analysis of the impact of each jurisdiction is currently maintained by Dyno Nobel’s legal team and is available upon request.

Our business is essential in the manufacturing, supply and services to the mining and agricultural industries. We are an important part of the states’, nation’s, and global economy. It is important that we continue to operate through this crisis to ensure stability in the other essential industries and business that we support. We are committed to delivering what we promise even in difficult operating environments. Our teams are working hard to ensure that our customers’ needs are supported.

Shared by Braden Lusk, SVP Corporate Accounts & Technical Services