Careers FAQs

It’s easy! Go to our Career Opportunities webpage to search for jobs and apply online in your relevant country/region. When you find a position for which you are qualified, Click Apply for the position and create a new profile. If you are a returning applicant, log on using your email and password to apply. *If you have any issues, please send an email regarding your concerns to

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Dyno Nobel is a great place to work. We understand that shaping our future organization means taking care of our employees and developing their skills to create business sustainability and strength.

A Great Place to Work

Dyno Nobel recognizes the importance of promoting an environment of continuous learning. As outlined in our Global Recruitment and Selection Policy, Dyno Nobel recognizes that an existing employee may elect to professionally request to move in a new role in Dyno Nobel and where possible, Dyno Nobel will support and facilitate the internal movement of an employee to a new role. In supporting an employee’s request to move internally, Dyno Nobel is aiming to 1) promote an environment of continuous learning, 2) assist employees to develop professionally, 3) improve the recruitment procedure and retention of employees, 4) improve the productivity and job satisfaction of employees

Due to the global nature of our business, we only accept resumes and applications online at If you don’t have the internet at home, you can submit your resume from any place with internet access including public libraries, community colleges, and internet cafés.

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Dyno Nobel is a global company and we are always looking for employees with the required skills and experience for the advertised role. Please make sure you meet the visa requirements for the country in which you are applying for.

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Please apply online in the first instance and if your application is successful you will be contacted directly by a member of the recruitment team.

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New vacancies are posted regularly onto the careers page, often daily, so check frequently.

We usually give candidates a window of 2 weeks to apply. Some roles may stay open for a longer/shorter period of time, please check the applications close date as per the advertised role.

You can apply for any available roles for which you have the required skill and experience.

Our website allows you to fill in your application in several steps. While you are entering details, click the "Save draft" button.

The recruiters, hiring managers and support officers may see your profile.