Patricia Lim Electronic Detonator Sales

My name is Patricia Lim. I am an electronic detonator salesperson. I have stayed at Dyno Nobel for over 7 years because the job allows me to travel and meet customers, who are now my friends, and most importantly, I have a lot of freedom to do my job without being micromanaged. 

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Patricia Lim
Tom Medak

Tom Medak Bulk Operations Manager, WNAA Arctic Canada

"Tom Medak is the Bulk Operations Manager for the WNAA Arctic Canada team. Tom is in his 41st year with Dyno Nobel explosives group. Having started as a bulk truck operator, Tom then became supervisor, then manager where he helped build state of the art emulsion plants that are operating at Dyno Nobel’s highest standards in the remote regions of the Arctic for over 20 years. 

Tom’s contributions and leadership makes us all Dyno Nobel Proud!" Seamus Kilcommons, HSEC Manager Canada, Tracy Levesque, Contract Administrator, and Leigh Rudolph, Customer Service Team Lead.

Saul Martinez Cord Maintenance Operator B, Dynamita, MX

Saul has worked for Dyno Nobel for over 40 years as a mechanic for the manufacturing department. Saul received the Silver Medal for promoting security and the value of Zero Harm.

Amsyah Sebayang

Amsyah Sebayang President Director, PT DNX, Indonesia

My name is Amsyah Sebayang, President Director of PT DNX Indonesia based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am responsible for all DNX Indonesia: 8 operational sites, more than 25 MPU’s and 400 employees. I have been working for Dyno Nobel for almost 22 years. I started when I was a fresh graduate from college as a Site Engineer.

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Cinthia Morin Bulk Truck Operator, Casa Berardi, Quebec, Canada

Cinthia has been with Dyno Nobel since April of 2012. “When I first started with Dyno Nobel I had no experience with explosives. I discovered an area that interested me a lot and I wanted to learn more,” Cinthia said.

Cinthia has developed her knowledge of mechanics, maintenance and repair of pumping systems necessary when working in remote areas. In her free time she volunteers working with numerous charities in her community. She also enjoys renovation and construction projects.

Cinthia Morin
EJ Burke

EJ Burke Senior Vice President of National Sales, Salt Lake City, UT

With 50 years in the aggregate industry, EJ Burke has had a front-row seat to watch the evolution of crushed stone, sand and gravel operations.


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Chris Graves Health and Safety Technician, Cheyenne, WY

I turned down my "dream job" today. I had an opportunity to do more of what I love and for more money and I turned it down.

Why did I do this?

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Chris Graves
Carl Byrd

Carl Byrd Health, Safety and Environment Audit Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

In 1985, following two stints as a summer intern, I began my first “real job”. My intent was to work for a year or so, and then return to college with enough savings to not have to work part-time. That never happened. 

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Erin Osborne Blaster Helper, Hagersville, ON, Canada

I absolutely love working for Dyno! I am treated with an incredible amount of respect and as a valued member of our team on and off the bench!” Erin said.

Erin Osborne

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