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Those in the mining industry know the name DynoConsult.  For over 20 years, the DynoConsult team of experts have developed technical solutions to assist with their customers’ operations. Now, DynoConsult professionals are committed to optimizing your entire blasting process with their experience, knowledge and insight to drive world-class blasting results.

The new and improved DynoConsult has a wider reach with more experts and programs that include increasing saleable yield, managing regulatory compliance, neighbor relations at customer sites and reducing overall operating costs.  

Dyno Nobel Americas Announces Significant, Value-Added Enhancements to DynoConsult.

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Rapid Operations Diagnostic

DynoConsult is pleased to announce the launch of its new Rapid Operations Diagnostic consultation service. Specific offerings are designed around improving blast performance through tried and true techniques, while collaborating with customers to meet specific blast outcome needs.

Programs include:
Drill Hole Planning & Execution Detonation Optimization
Explosive Product Selection Community Relations & Regulatory Support
Stockpile Measurement Fragmentation Optimization
Software Solutions

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Rapid Diagnostic

Software Solutions

Software Solutions include:


DynoConsult Software Pricing Model

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DynoConsult professionals are advancing the success of their clients with their technical expertise and field experience. 

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Blast Vibration Workshop

Vibration Workshop NOW October 2020 POSTPONED - October 14-15, 2020

Course 1 - October 14
Signature hole theory and application

Course 2 - October 15
Processing signature hole data and providing results

Online registration and payment:
DAY 1: dyno-vib-1.eventbrite.com
DAY 2: dyno-vib-2.eventbrite.com
FULL: dyno-vib-1and2.eventbrite.com
Payment other than by credit card can be arranged by contacting Tristan Worsey at Tristan.worsey@am.dynonobel.com or +1 (859) 285-7810.

Blast Vibration Workshop Details

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